BHA Code of Ethics

All participants and spectators attending Barn Hunt Events are required to operate as good sportsmen and sportswomen. Good sportsmanship includes honesty, courtesy, respect, and graciousness in both victory and defeat. No harsh, punitive or corrective training is allowed on Trial grounds. Any handler who displays poor sportsmanship and/or who verbally or physically abuses his or her dog either in or out of the ring can face discipline ranging from a verbal warning, dismissal from class, dismissal from show grounds and up to expulsion from future Events, depending on the severity of the infraction. Handlers and spectators must show good sportsmanship toward the Judge, show committee, stewards and competitors. The BHA empowers the Trial Chair and Committee to make disciplinary decisions on behalf of the BHA, and all decisions made at a Trial are considered official BHA rulings for that Event. The BHA reviews all rulings. Parties may appeal permanent bans to the BHA who will make a final decision on whether or not the person(s) involved will be able to return to any Barn Hunt Event. Barn Hunt is a family-friendly sport. Actions which, for example, would cause a family with young children to conclude the sport is inappropriate will result in disciplinary action.